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Group of people presenting a large ceremonial check to Maryville High School from BE Robotics to support STEM education.

Allevia Technology Supports STEM Education
A Donation to Blount County Robotics 4504

A group of enthusiastic robotics team members celebrating and posing for a photo with their robot, illustrating the supports of STEM education.

At Allevia Technology, we are committed to giving back to our community and supporting initiatives that promote STEM education and innovation. Recently, we had the privilege of donating $1000 to Blount County Robotics 4504.

Blount County Robotics 4504 is a high school FIRST Robotics Competition team that is dedicated to teaching students valuable STEM skills while making a positive impact on our community. The team comprises students from across Blount County, each making a valuable contribution to the team's success. Together, they grow on their STEM paths with the guidance of dedicated mentors, expanding their interests in the STEM field.

Our donation helped fund the team's trip to the Buckeye Regionals competition in Cleveland, Ohio, held on March 20, 2024. We are proud to report that Blount County Robotics 4504 performed exceptionally well, placing 52nd out of 779 teams from across the country! This achievement is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and talent of the students and mentors involved.

At Allevia Technology, we believe in investing in the future generation of innovators and problem-solvers. By supporting initiatives like Blount County Robotics 4504, we aim to inspire and empower students to pursue careers in STEM fields and contribute to the advancement of technology and society.

We are honored to have played a part in the success of Blount County Robotics 4504 and look forward to continuing our support for STEM education in our community.

A competition robot with the number 4504, designed for STEM education, featuring a red and black ring, on a blue bumper pad enclosed by a chain barrier.

Wanting to Support Blount County Robotics 4504?

A team of robotics enthusiasts, embracing STEM Education, posing proudly with their robot at a robotics competition event.
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