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Installation Technician 

We are looking for a Installation Technician who is able to work as part of a team that receives assignments from a project manager. Someone who enjoys working with their hands and is able to work in the field for the majority of the day.

Intake Technician

We are looking for an Intake Technician who gets excited about starting the process of awesome support that our clients expect. If you have a passion for technology and helping people, but have had a hard time breaking into the IT world, this is a great place to start.

Tier I Technician 

This position is the first point of contact in our workflow – you will answer phones and manage incoming tickets, then work the issue to the best of your ability and escalate if necessary. This position requires excellent people skills, communication skills, and patience. Read full position description and apply below!

Keep your eyes peeled 

We are growing and posting new positions as they become available. If you think working in a fun environment with a bunch of techies, gear heads, and nerds sounds appealing to you and you have some tech chops and a great attitude, we are always accepting resumes. 

We always accept resumes! Feel free to email your resume to jobs@alleviatechnology.com

Our vision is our path

Our vision is to be a crucial component of our clients’ success, to build more relationships, and to engage within our community.

When they think about Allevia, we want our clients to say "I wouldn't be where I am today without their help." We want to be a critical piece of their success. You must understand that the work that you do has an impact on our clients and their work.

We want to continue to grow! We know what we do well and we are focused and intentional on pursuing growth. You must be interested in personal and professional growth, and you will be pushed and challenged if you work here.

Our community is an integral part of who we are - we believe in service to one another, to our clients, and to our community. You must be willing to serve our community beyond working your job.

Our mission is not about us


We show love to people by serving them through technology. We believe that every interaction with a customer has worth, and every technological issue - no matter how small - can be overcome with love, patience, and persistence. We won't always get it right, but we strive to guide our clients to the best possible outcome with their tech and have fun while doing so. You must be able to show love to people while simultaneously providing excellent technical support.

Our values define us

  1. Treat others the way we want to be treated
  2. Do what we say when we say
  3. We before me
  4. Be an eager learner
  5. Be passionate about the potential of others

We believe in pushing ourselves and each other in demonstrating these values. We want to high-five each other when things go right, and admonish constructively when things go wrong. If you work here, you must be willing to provide praise and admonishment to your coworkers. You must also receive praise and admonishment and apply feedback. Performance reviews are not centered around how many tickets you close or how many issues you fix, but how well you demonstrate these values.

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