Downtown Maryville Internet

Prices starting as low as $75 per month! 

Speeds up to 250 megabits per second DOWNLOAD and UPLOAD.

Affordable High-Speed Fiber Internet in Downtown Maryville

Hook and Needle Fiberoptic internet being installed

You may be thinking, “What’s the big deal about high-speed internet in downtown Maryville? I’m sure there are several internet packages offered to businesses downtown. They’re located within city limits.”

Not the case! Due to construction costs and the small number of businesses located downtown, large internet carriers will not service the area like they would in a larger city. Until now, downtown Maryville has been limited to two options: unreliable, slow internet utilizing old technology, or enterprise-class service that far exceeds the budget of a small business.

Allevia Technology has partnered with the City of Maryville to bridge the internet gap. The infrastructure was set, but Maryville needed boots on the ground to transform fiber into accessible internet for businesses to use.

Allevia Technology is proud to now offer affordable high-speed fiber internet and managed network services to businesses in downtown Maryville.

We love Maryville and we want to see downtown continue to grow!

Synchronous Bandwidth
25 megabits per second upload
25 megabits per second download
Synchronous Bandwidth
100 megabits per second upload
100 megabits per second download
Synchronous Bandwidth
250 megabits per second upload
250 megabits per second download


A woman in a red shirt smiles for the camera.

“FINALLY! This service has been a long time coming. It has been successful due to the work of many people over many years. Allevia Technology connected the final piece in joining the partnership and making it happen. We believe this is a huge benefit to downtown – to current businesses and the ones to come.”



Angie Luckie

Public Services Director of Economic Development, City of Maryville

A man in a tan jacket smiling in front of a blue background.

“Offering this affordable high-speed fiber internet option has been over a decade in the making. Kudos to Allevia Technology for working so diligently with the Maryville Downtown Association, the City of Maryville, and others to make this a reality.”


Aaron Killian

President of the Board of Directors, Downtown Maryville Association

Paula-Osborn-headshot image

Paula Osborn

Owner- Roost Home

At Roost, we need reliable internet to place our inventory orders online. Allevia Technology has provided us with fast internet so we can ensure our store is stocked with beautiful home furnishings for our customers!"

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