Knoxville IT Support Business Advice: Implement an Open Door Policy and Tap Into Your Employees’ Potential!

As a business owner who needs Knoxville IT support services, you are always looking for ways to improve how things operate. The focus is always on growing the company, gaining efficiencies, etc. Your team is only as good as how open they are to the rest of your employees. They need to have what is known as an open-door policy. When things are free, you have a high level of transparency and ideas come from the bottom up— that is when you are going to see real progress.

The Importance of the Open Door

It is imperative that you are always striving to have that open door policy, and your employees should act in the same way. When you are working throughout the day, keep that door to the office wide open. Let folks know that they are welcome to come in whenever they choose to. They do not always need to feel the pressure to get in with a big idea— it could even just be to talk about how things are going or even discuss what’s in the news lately.

The bottom-up approach to continuous improvement is an important thing to remember. When you focus on things from the bottom up, that is when you are going to get the most useful ideas. As a business owner, you do not know all the answers without having all the information, and that is where the open-door policy comes into play.

The IT Service Gains

The IT service gains that you are going to get from an open-door policy are driven by the information that is out there among your employees. They know the operation and they understand how things work day in and day out. They may be aware of some inefficiency that is occurring which you and your Knoxville IT support team may have no idea about.

The open-door policy is going to help to reveal the potential gains that you are going to get from your employees, from those on the front lines. The folks that put in the work every day are much more familiar with how things function and with the areas that need improvement.

Set the Tone

You want to start things off by setting the tone at the top. Establish what you are looking to get out of the open-door policy— make it known that you want your employees to have a lot of input. Tell them you want their feedback and knowledge, and show them that they are going to make a difference.


Your employees need to understand the potential that they have. The work that your staff put in can make a world of difference. Open the door and get the conversations started

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Stefan Wilson

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