Managed IT Services Providers in Knoxville Can Help You Source Disaster Recovery Plans

managed IT services KnoxvilleWhy You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

Managed IT services providers in Knoxville help maintain your business even in the worst-case scenario by designing and facilitating strategies to handle emergencies. Believe it or not, such strategies are so necessary that a prime directive of most MSPs is putting one into action which pertains directly to your business.

A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) helps eliminate downtime while retaining functionality in business. At some point, you’re going to have emergencies and downtime— disasters happen. What you’ve got to remember is that when it comes to business, crashes and emergencies aren’t a matter of “if,” they’re a matter of “when.”

You could have a server crash. You could have a virus downloaded onto your system which wreaks havoc on operations. General human error will likely make it necessary to boot from a backup or tertiary system. Then you’ve got the weather, which can cut the power at a critical time during a system update, or send a power surge through the system that fries some integral component. Beyond that, there are economic difficulties that could result in outmoded systems being used well past their effective period, political difficulties, corporate espionage— the list goes on.

When designing a DRP, you need to ensure it’s requisite to such situations. To that end, there are three primary features that a DRP through a business providing managed IT services in Knoxville should include:

  • Continuous Updates
  • Ease of Utility
  • Doomsday Configuration

Updating Continually

This can be done through an on-site server solution, and many top-tier MSPs can certainly help your interior systems function and retain functionality even in the worst-case scenario. But cloud computing solutions sourced from such companies will do a better job than any internal option. Additionally, they’re more cost-effective, and can truly be updated on a continuous basis.

Ease of Utility

A DRP shouldn’t be complex or hard to use— it should be easy to put into action, and uncomplicated. You’re more likely to find a solution that bears this characteristic through a professional tech provider than an internally sourced solution.

Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst

Mad Max is a movie— the nuclear bombs aren’t really going to change the topography of Earth… are they? Well, we all hope not, but ask yourself this: would you be more comfortable if governments treated such doomsday scenarios as fiction, or if they took them serious enough to design a contingency plan? Maybe no hacker will be knowledgeable enough to ransom your files through a Trojan virus. But then again, maybe a whole hacking group will target your company. Have a DRP in place that can handle such situations, then hope you never have to use it.

Covering Your Bases

Allevia Technology provides managed IT services in Knoxville designed to maintain business functionality even in the worst-case scenario, and in a manner simple enough that you can manage it should that scenario strike. Contact us for superior DRP solutions incorporating the latest technology. You’re in better shape if you have something you don’t need, than if you need something that you don’t have.

Stefan Wilson

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