Forget Smart TV, Create a Media PC!

Smaller, lighter, faster. That’s what today’s computer manufacturers are going for. While products like Smart TVs and services like Netflix are blurring the lines between a computer and a Television, Lenovo’s latest entry into the market place is the Lenovo IdeaCentre Q-series. Ultra small and ultra light, it boasts all the functionality of a desktop PC with an Intel i3 series processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 500 GB Hard Drive. It is a complete desktop computer that is smaller than the phone on your desk.

Although it is convenient that it can save room on your desktop, that isn’t all the manufacturer was aiming to do. This computer can easily be mounted onto the back of a flat screen TV. With wireless mouse and keyboard, you can turn your television into a computer. This device can be attached to a projector hanging from a ceiling, or attached to the back of a standard PC monitor. The size of this device means it’s now easier than ever to add a media PC in your conference room or home theater. You can learn more about these devices at Lenovo.com.

lenovo_3The Lenovo Q Series doesn’t cost any more than other PCs that are much larger, so there is no sacrifice in terms of cost. So what’s the drawback? Full-sized PCs always offer a degree of adaptability that you can’t get from smaller devices or tablets. It’s very easy to add a DVD drive or video card to a computer tower, and that isn’t the case with the Q-series. However, for basic computing it might be a great fit. To learn more about it, give us a call at Allevia. We’re here to help you navigate the world of modern computing.

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