Next Move to Save Money

Next Move to Save Money

John at the Quinn Appliance Showroom
John at the Quinn Appliance Showroom

“Our previous phone system was old technology – only one voicemail and no hold button. We took phone messages on sticky notes! Allevia Technology set us up with a new phone system and internet service while saving $200 a month – incredible! Our internet is faster and we have more flexibility with our phones.”

Calling all small business owners, office managers and non-profit leaders 

Technology is a crucial part of any organization – we see this now more than ever. 

With the right technology plan, you can increase efficiency in your workplace and sometimes even save money. Yup, save money!

Let’s talk about your telecom bills – phones, internet and cable. Are you overpaying for the big three? How do you know?

Let us do the research 

We understand that running a business or a non-profit organization is a tough task. Most of all, it’s time-consuming. And time is money, right? Many business and community leaders simply don’t have the time to research other services and prices. We can help!  

We’re happy to:

  • Review your phone, internet, and cable bills
  • Consult with you about current needs or concerns
  • Search your local area for the best service at the best price
  • Serve as a liaison between your business and the service provider
  • Order and install equipment for your new system
  • Train your staff on how to use the new system
  • Be available for remote and on-site technology support

Ready for the best part?
We review your telecom bills for free! Let us do the research before you pay a penny. 

Stefan Wilson

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