Reasons to Consider Email Hosting with Knoxville IT Services

The Internet is now the standard mode of communication for people and businesses. This has resulted in organizations embracing business emails and Knoxville IT services. It is an established fact that email hosting plays a crucial role in any business setup. Since hosting email servers requires experts for its management, most businesses consider it to be complex. For your business to set up email hosting, you will be required to have several mail servers and different software applications that offer multiple filtering and spam blockers. This will be very expensive as most organizations do not have the resources; hence, they resort to an email hosting provider.

The enhancement of mobile device capabilities has made users demand more from their email services. Modern users are now accessing their accounts from different devices at different times but still require maximum security.

Why Should You Move to Email Hosting?

Sufficient Storage Space

When your business signs up for an email hosting account, you are given an adequate amount of storage for every mailbox fashioned. The storage is usually more than sufficient to effectively store thousands of messages. Your business may also be accorded a chance to upgrade in accordance with your storage needs.


With email hosting, Knoxville IT services providers usually equip their mail servers with standard industry encryption. This is important because the information you send and receive from the server is encrypted from the time you sign in till you sign out. This security protocol ensures that sensitive messages from you are not compromised or intercepted.

Virus Protection and Spam Filtering

An effective email hosting solution ascertains that it blocks potentially harmful mail before entering the network. Email hosting includes the integration of antivirus scanners into the host’s Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) gateways. Filtering methods like whitelisting, blacklisting, and greylisting are used to keep spam emails from your system. Your business will benefit from configurations that automatically send spam emails into a quarantine folder.

Shared Address Book

In order to store contact information for easy retrieval and use, having the address book in your emails is an important feature that most clients consider convenient. Most email hosting providers include a private and shared address book in their services while some add access to public network directory services.

Will You Be Able To Access Emails When Away From Office?

Email hosting makes sure that you can access your email data anywhere and at any time. This is convenient as it will minimize downtime concerns and empowers the employees who do field work. When workers need to access hosted email service from home office or the field, they only need the right credentials which make it more convenient and secure.

When your business utilizes secure email hosting from a reliable Knoxville IT services provider, not only do you protect your clients from threats, but you will give them the confidence to deal with you. Since most online businesses require convenience and trust it is imperative you ensure secure email communication through email hosting.

At Allevia Technology, we ensure that all forms of data transfer are secured; hence, your business will be able to build trust and confidence with your clients. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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