Set up your office for success

Set up your office for success

Are you thinking about moving your office? What about opening an office at a new location? 

We understand that moving is stressful and your to-do list is long. It’s important to minimize your downtime and keep your business operating smoothly.

When you partner with Allevia Technology, we can help make the transition easier for you and your business.

Heritage Family Dentistry moves their office

Three years ago, Heritage Family Dentistry decided to move their office from Lenoir City to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Their office manager, Brandy Millsaps, had many tasks ahead of her regarding the move.

She said, “We called Allevia Technology as soon as we decided to move our office. They were involved in the planning process from the very beginning.”

Steps to success

By calling us early in the process, we were able to do the following before they moved:

  • Communicate with internet service provider and schedule installation
  • Hard-wire network infrastructure for internet and wifi
  • Create a plan for their phone system and port office number

Brandy said, “All of our computers are connected to the network and talk to each other. It was important that our system worked properly at the new location. Allevia Technology handled everything related to technology with our new office. We were relieved that everything would be ready to go when we moved in. Their support is huge.”

Support to keep your business moving forward

When you partner with us, we want you to consider Allevia Technology as a part of your team. We are your IT department.

When you know of a change that affects your business, we want to know about it. Our goal is to give you peace of mind when you think about technology.

Are you interested in partnering with Allevia Technology? We would love to meet with you and learn how you use technology in your business.

Complete the form and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

Stefan Wilson

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