A love of Christmas lights saves an office move


In 2009, Bobby Haines thought, “Gosh, what would it be like to have an employee?” 

At the time, Bobby was the only employee at Chad Stewart & Associates at the Knoxville office. As a young engineer, Bobby knew he wanted to help people and solve problems. He didn’t expect to lead a team of engineers several years later.  

In 2017, Bobby Haines acquired the Knoxville office of Chad Stewart & Associates and launched Haines Structural Group. His vision and purpose were clear for the new company.  

“It’s about relationships and enriching the lives we serve as we point to Jesus,” says Bobby. “We want to love people and not just see them as a unit of production. We all have value and are created in God’s image.”  

Bobby Haines, President
Haines Structural Group


In 2019, Bobby Haines met Stefan Wilson, Benevolent Overlord of Allevia Technology, through their C12 group. C12 equips Christian business executives to lead their business as a ministry. 

“I got to know Stefan and his heart and we saw an opportunity to work together,” says Bobby.  

We truly enjoy working with Haines Structural Group as their IT partner. We were thrilled when Bobby told us they were expanding their office space earlier this year and asked us to help. 

Next level

Haines Structural Group is located in the heart of downtown Knoxville on Gay Street.  

In 2021, Bobby and his team had the opportunity to move to the 17th floor of their building. The new office offered more space and an amazing view of the city.  

We love that Bobby asked us to be involved early in the process. We had time to plan and offer better internet service and a VoIP phone system. Our goal was to make the move as smooth as possible and minimize downtime for Bobby and his team.

“Our experience working with Allevia was great even from the first meeting with Stefan,” says Bobby.  

Moving an entire office is complex. There are several moving parts and creating a flexible plan is important.  

Our team was able to:  

  • Move all computers and equipment to a temporary location 
  • Support Bobby and his team as they worked remotely  
  • Switch internet providers to increase internet speed AND reduce cost 
  • Install a VoIP phone system allowing higher quality calls and mobile features  
  • Move all equipment into the new space and connect to the network  

“Stefan made sure that we were taken care of through the whole process,” says Bobby. 


On a Friday afternoon, we realized there was a hiccup in the plan. While setting up computers at each workstation, we realized there was no power. Due to an unavailable electrical part, there was only power in one corner of the office. Stefan had an idea…  

Stefan loves Christmas lights. This love has resulted in an impressive collection of extension cords as well.  

On Saturday, Stefan brought every extension cord he owned to their office. Extension cords crisscrossed through the office to connect every workstation to power. When Bobby’s team logged in to work from home on Monday morning, they never knew anything different. 

“Stefan and his team went above and beyond to make sure we were ready to roll on Monday morning,” says Bobby.  

Plans change and that’s okay. It’s our job to be flexible and keep your business going.  

“Regardless of all other delays in the process, our IT was the first thing that was up and running. Allevia was prepared and we didn’t have one second of down time.” 


It is truly a blessing to work with Haines Structural Group. Our mission is simple. We want to show love to people through managing their tech. We’re grateful God trusts us with this task every day with our clients.  

“Everyone is so friendly and it’s truly fun to call and talk to you guys. You have our back and are truly a partner with us,” says Bobby.  


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