Benefits of Managed IT Services in Knoxville

The use of IT services in businesses is growing each year, and more companies rely on IT services for day-to-day operations that will increase productivity and minimize costs. Unfortunately, cyberattacks are a growing problem for businesses, and they can severely damage your company. Besides cyberattacks, companies are prime targets for malware and viruses. Without proper protection, you can lose valuable personal data and have prolonged periods of server downtime. Luckily, we at Allevia Technology offer patch management as part of our managed IT services in Knoxville.

What is Patch Management?

A patch is a regular update that will improve the performance and security of computer networks, software, and hardware. For example, anytime a network has a potential security issue and a patch is available, our IT team will implement the patch ASAP to make sure that you have the latest protection for that particular cyber security threat. Technology is always changing, and patch management is critical for the safety of your company. Our IT professionals continually test software and networks for any security vulnerabilities. Due to this proactive approach, patches usually solve computer vulnerabilities before they become a major issue, thus saving your small business time and money.

New Features

Besides providing the latest security protection, our managed IT services in Knoxville also offer the newest features that are automatically downloaded with the latest patch. These new features typically provide improved performance and new functions. They can also give you a competitive edge over companies that don’t take advantage of regular patch updates. Without patch management, technology can become easily outdated within a short period. Ultimately, these new features can improve the work performance of employees and help them become much more productive.

Simplicity of Patch Management

Managing complex computer systems takes much time and effort that an employee could better spend elsewhere. Our professionals at Allevia Technology are specifically trained to test and manage IT services. We can release patches on a weekly basis that will be automatically downloaded to your IT servers. We understand that small businesses have limited time and resources. Each one of your employees will save time and be much more productive, while our IT technicians maintain networks and computer infrastructure with timely patches and security updates.

New Laws & Regulations

Recently, laws have been introduced that require companies to provide the latest patches on a routine basis for security purposes. It has become commonplace to expect that all data and personal information of employees and clients need to be protected with the highest level of security. With the use of patch management, your company will be well protected and comply with any government laws and regulations.

Ultimate Business Protection

As you can see, patch management is a critical security step that all businesses need in the 21st century. Don’t risk losing critical information through a malicious cyber attack. Our professionals at Allevia Technology provide the best managed IT services in Knoxville. Whether you need the latest security patch or newly updated features, our technicians will help your small business reach new heights. Contact us today for more information.

Stefan Wilson

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