Importance of Data Backup as a Component of Managed Services in Knoxville

Data backup and recovery is an integral part of managed services in Knoxville that a business cannot afford to overlook. Judging from the past events, one can safely conclude that disaster and misfortune is something that happens when least expected. The same disastrous tragedies can hit your company and tamper with your data. Think of natural disasters like human errors and hardware breakdowns that can compromise confidential business data.

The damage incurred by loss could affect a business organization to the extent of filing for bankruptcy and the journey to recovery may be next to impossible. That is why you should take the step of ensuring that your confidential business information is secure by use of reliable data backup techniques.

Benefits of Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Loss of data can have many negative implications for a company. For instance, the company may experience downtime, which can be quite costly because you are bound to lose clients, not forgetting the lawsuits and fines that you might have to pay afterward.

In fact, IHS conducted a survey in 2015, with IT decision-makers of 400 medium and large companies in North America as respondents. The result showed that downtime results in 17% loss of revenue, 78% loss in productivity, and 5% actual loss of the money required to fix the downtime problems.

In addition to the losses, confidential information could leak out and end up in the wrong destinations thus tarnishing the image of your company. Considering all these shortcomings, it is mandatory to have proper disaster recovery plans and one of the most reliable managed services providers in Knoxville.

Enhanced Network and Data Security through Cloud Recovery and Monitoring

Always be ready to deal with a disaster whenever it strikes. Cloud-based monitoring is the perfect solution for data backup and recovery for a number of reasons such as:

  • It does not depend on any hardware
  • It is monitored 24/7
  • It gives room for multiple backup sets each day
  • Has cloud-based offsite storage
  • Includes cloud-based offsite storage
  • Data is encrypted before transference

With cloud monitoring, rest assured that your data is safe and can be recovered within a short time; thus, no downtime.

Managing IT Costs

To manage cost, it is necessary to come up with a strategy to reduce expenditure, because hiring contractors or in-house IT staff— no matter how helpful they can be— can be costly most of the time. To effectively lessen downtime in your business operations, you could take corrective measures such as regular system maintenance, creating a comprehensive power plan, and having 24/7 network monitoring.

Managed Services

Getting data recovery from managed services is more cost effective especially for SMBs. These managed services will enhance safety and security of your network. Managed services also have other benefits like:

  • Task automation
  • Fixed charges
  • Network monitoring
  • Service team at your call

Do not be unaware by data security threats— ensure that you set aside some funds to put in place proper data recovery methods to ensure that your data is always secure and up-to-date.

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Stefan Wilson

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