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We use technology every day. Whether you’re emailing a client to schedule a meeting or paying the bills online, your hands touch tech.

43% of all data breaches involve small and medium-sized businesses. Nonprofits are even being targeted for attacks. But let’s stay positive!

There’s no reason to fear using tech if you’re proactive with security and routinely train your team.

Training is Key!

We believe that cybersecurity awareness and training is the best way to keep your business secure. You and your team are the human firewall when it comes to protecting your business against cyber-attacks.

Tools We Love

Imagine making one phone call to take care of your cybersecurity needs! We will guide you through choosing the right solutions for your team, implement what works best for you, and even train your team. We provide ongoing support for each of these products, so you can have peace of mind.

Check them out below!

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Cybersecurity-themed Lastpass logo on a red background.

Password Management software built for teams

Generate secure passwords

Save passwords safely

Share passwords safely

Knowbe4 logo cybersecurity.

Security awareness and phishing training platform

Ongoing online Cybersecurity training

Custom simulated phishing campaigns

Reporting and planning next steps

Cybersecurity logo on a white background.

Allows what you need and blocks everything else.. including ransomware!

Allow and deny specific applications to run

Control the flow and access of your data

Streamline user permissions including administrators

Dont just hear it from us...

"Thank you for helping us keep our business safe! Super Fast, Professional, and Friendly as always. Thank you!"


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Do you want us to come to your office to talk about cybersecurity? We offer a 90-minute training session with your team including time for Q&A. Let’s talk specifically about how to keep your business secure.

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