Managed Services in Knoxville Can Help You Make the IoT Upgrade

An Essential Component of Upgrade

Managed services in Knoxville are something you’re going to need if you want to successfully and securely make the IoT (Internet of Things) leap. It’s here, and refraining from utilizing it will deprive you of advantages that can definitely put your business on the next profitability tier. Consider, for instance, assembly-line enhancement. With IoT, you can collect data and monitor the operation of equipment directly. Not only can you determine which production equipment may need repair, you can ensure that it’s always operating at its highest capacity. This means you can increase productivity by percentage points incrementally, which makes your profit margin greater, enhances your ability to expand, and allows you to grow.

Data Everywhere

It’s good to have more data, but the problem with increased data is that with it comes a bigger need for processing and application. The more data you’ve got, the more time this takes. If you don’t use a company providing managed services in Knoxville, the likelihood is you’ll have to source these data processing solutions internally. You won’t be able to utilize all the data if you’re stuck continuously processing it. Additionally, other system maintenance, troubleshooting, and operation will suffer as internal techs are tied up processing IoT applications.


There’s no tiptoeing around it: IoT applications are wide open for security breaches. It’s the difference between a bomber and a fighter among planes during a military campaign. The bomber can do more damage, but it moves slower and is less maneuverable, making it more vulnerable to enemy attack. Well, IoT is faster and increases more data, but there’s more of it. Now you can send your internal IT to the technology battlefield so that such systems are defended against hack attack from without, but again they’ll be tied up doing this such that other systems suffer. When you outsource IT security, you’re able to focus internal IT people on expanding your brand, and while relying on a professional, dedicated support for IoT security.

Charting Upgrade Roadmaps

Where do you start implementing IoT solutions? Will it be the same for every business? Say you run a transportation solution like a public bus system, or a series of school buses. Do you put IoT applications in every bus at once, or do you put it in one bus at a time to ensure you’re getting the right information, it’s being transferred and received securely, and everything works as it should? Do you make a point of installing in each bus piecemeal, or does that incur too much opportunity cost? Outsourced managed services can help answer these questions through experience.

Maximizing the Potentiality of New Technology Like IoT

Managed services in Knoxville can help you with more cutting-edge applications than just IT, but when you go through such solutions, some of the things you’re assisted with include:

  • Data management and processing
  • Security facilitation
  • IoT roadmap development

We at Allevia Technology offer IoT implementation and management solutions that can help your MSP get the best out of this technology. Contact us today to learn more.

Stefan Wilson

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