Why Backup Solutions Are Among the Most Important Managed Services in Knoxville

Data security is the prime reason for business owners to outsource IT to managed services in Knoxville. Most people tend to focus on how to prevent and solve IT security issues with limited focus on backup considerations. Some of these solutions may not necessarily enable you to protect or recover your data, especially in this age when hackers are becoming increasingly proficient at what they do. Backing up your data constitutes an effective way of securing your business from the effects of security breaches, including ransomware attacks which have been rampant in the recent years.

What Does a Backup Entail?

A backup should contain copies of all important organizational or personal files. In this case, you store data normally in a computer or some other system while doing the same in a secondary storage location. If your initial data storage point is compromised, you can easily retrieve important files from the backup. You also have a variety of backup solutions to choose from depending on the one best synced with your needs.

How Necessary are Data Backup Procedures?

We live in an age when security issues span across different divides. People not only worry about robbers breaking into their homes but also about cyber criminals hacking into their computers. Most of the hackers target valuable information, especially those belonging to business organizations. Without a dependable backup, the loss of data to cyber criminals can be extensively devastating for your business. For instance, in the event of a ransomware attack, you may have to pay a huge amount of cash to get your data back. Ransomware incorporates sophisticated encryption algorithms that can only be decrypted by the attackers involved. However, with a properly installed backup system, you won’t be forced to pay anything to these fraudulent individuals— all you’ll have to do is retrieve what you need from the backup location.

Some of the efforts levelled against cyber security threats are reactive while others are proactive. Reactive approaches to the issue are more like recovery procedures— they’re only implemented after the risk is incurred. Why would anyone wait till they suffer significant harm before they can do something about it? Businesses are continuously embracing proactive approaches to mitigate cyber security issues. Various managed services companies in Knoxville provide a variety of proactive solutions to pertinent security threats. Backup procedures are proactive in nature; you back up data and files knowing that your computer or business IT system can be attacked without prior warning. If you chose to be reactive, how would you react upon losing your data yet you have no backup in place? The primary step to data safety is to ensure that your business cannot be subjected to a complete loss of data in the event of a security breach. The best way to do this is by running a backup regularly.

Implementing a Solid Backup Plan

An important question, in this context, is how you can successfully implement backup solutions. Now that you know why you need to backup, how do you actually do it? The two common backup options include backing up on an external drive or doing it online. In this case, you can use an external hard drive with sufficient storage capacity to store the same files you have on your computers. Alternatively, you can back up online by saving your data on the Internet. Cloud services are crucial provisions of the online backup solution.

If you’re having trouble implementing a feasible backup solution, contact us today at Allevia Technology. We offer backup, antivirus, and patch management solutions as part of our managed services in Knoxville.

Stefan Wilson

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