Why You Should Seek Cloud Backup Solutions from a Competent Knoxville IT Services Provider

Businesses of all sizes are seeking cloud backup solutions from Knoxville IT services providers to ensure efficient data management. A study by IDC revealed that companies have created and stored an unprecedented amount of data in 2009. IDC also predicted a 44x increase in the amount of data over the next 10 years. Data is a treasured asset for any business or IT firm. Therefore, backing it up, protecting, storing, securing, and availing it to the relevant company when needed is paramount. Read on and find out the benefits your business can reap from outsourcing cloud backup services:

1. Optimized security

One of the notable benefits of adopting cloud backup is to capitalize on state-of-the-art security features provided by top suppliers. Data loss affects the productivity, profits, and day-to-day operations of your company. The Ponemon Institute conducted a study that established businesses make losses to the tune of $200 per every data breach. A perfect cloud backup solution should come with cutting-edge encryption, configurable password management, digital signatures, agentless backup architecture, as well as reliable protection features.

2. Faster data recovery and varied options

A professional Knoxville IT services provider will ensure that you can access your backed-up data whenever the need arises. The provider will offer an array of data recovery options and will have an advanced infrastructure to guarantee fast and efficient backup and restorations. The best options for hosted cloud services recovery range, from centralized control to a customized user interface, single-file restore, one-step recovery, and single-message restore. A bare metal recovery is also an ideal option since it reinstates backup drives, which have been damaged by natural disasters and corrupted programs.

3. Easier budgeting and leveraging of provider’s resources

Cloud backup solutions are customized to offer server data protection. They also provide predictable monthly costs and easier budgeting. Since the service is fully automated, it ensures data is backed up to the offsite location instantaneously. It also takes advantage of provider’s infrastructure and professional expertise. By outsourcing cloud services from a third party, your employees can direct their focus towards meeting the goals of your business. The fee for online data backup is a predictable monthly service charge, which allows you to prepare your budget easily.

4. The service provider handles regulatory compliance requirements

Nowadays, most firms are implementing their own regulations for managing offsite data protection and duration of retention. Protecting valuable data assets is one of your important responsibilities as a business owner. Cloud backup allows you to be a step ahead of hackers, viruses, natural disasters, and other situations that could result in data damage or loss. With cloud backup solutions, you can transfer your data from an off-site facility to a secure one. These solutions guarantee security during the process of transmitting, storing, and accessing data.

A competent Knoxville IT services professional can develop a robust cloud backup solution that will automatically protect your valuable data from both manmade and natural disasters. Allevia Technologies is an authority when it comes to securing your data. We manage our backup, antivirus, and patch management solutions remotely, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. Contact us today and let us help you in keeping your data safe at a pocket-friendly cost.

Stefan Wilson

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