Staying Up-to-Date with Knoxville IT Support

In Knoxville, IT support that matches your business is often difficult to find. Your business has its own ways of doing things and also has some of its own quirks in your software. While it may seem costly and difficult, upgrading your systems is something you need to look into.

Why Outdated Technology Sticks Around

For many companies, once you have a working system, updates fall off of the to-do list. With something that works, spending money on upgrades and changes seem unnecessary. For some upper management, it is a hard sell to spend money on these types of things. They fall into the trap of “if it works, don’t fix it” and it is difficult to change that ideology.

In addition to costs, there are also other hurdles to upgrading computer systems. The employees are going to need to learn the current version of programs they use. That learning curve scares off some of the people you need to sign off on upgrade projects.

Lastly, people become comfortable. When they use certain hardware and software all the time, they find security in it. Even small changes, like updating the icon can cause some people to be very off put by change.

The Risks of Old Technology

With all the troubles upgrades bring with it, why look to upgrade? There are many risks that your company is exposed to with older technology. In Knoxville, IT support helps you identify your highest risk software and hardware. These pieces need to be addressed in a timely fashion to save your company from some unfortunate technical issues. Here are some of the top problems seen with outdated computing systems:

  • System downtime – The current business environment wants all information and it wants it all right now. With older systems, keeping 100% uptime just isn’t possible. New systems are much more robust, keeping your business live all the time.
  • No longer supported – Many of the mainstream software companies stop providing support for their older versions. For example, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP back in 2014. At that point, many companies were forced to upgrade, even if it was bad timing for their business.
  • Lack of security – One of the biggest drivers for upgrades is security. Older versions of software are at a greater risk of hacking and malware. These older systems are regularly targeted by hackers because their security programming is not nearly as strong as the newer versions.

With these major risks, it is evident why upgrade projects are worthwhile. They might not be new and shiny (and they appear redundant), but closer inspections show exactly why they are needed. Your old systems bring a host of troubles with them, and it gets worse the more you delay. With the proper know-how and clear knowledge of computer systems, your system must be evaluated. From here, the best course of action can be undertaken to protect your system.

Upgrades to computer systems are often overwhelming. They bring change and unfamiliar software and hardware to your computing systems. In Knoxville, IT support from Allevia Technology helps you upgrade your systems. To learn more about how we can help your business stay up-to-date, contact us today.

Stefan Wilson

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