Understanding Server Monitoring with Managed IT Services in Knoxville

As a business owner, there are certain things that you rely on day in and day out. The first is your employees showing up every day and the second is your information technology network. When was the last time your email server went down, for example? What was the impact it had on your employees’ productivity? Could they even get anything done? There is always heightened attention on server stability and finding the right provider of managed IT services in Knoxville for the job.

How comfortable are you with the current uptime of your servers? If one or more of your servers goes down, are you confident that it is going to be identified and acted upon to get it back online in a timely manner? These are the things your IT service provider should be helping you with, and if they are not, it is time to take action!

Server Monitoring Basics

It all comes down to mostly the monitoring of your servers. When you have a provider of managed IT services in Knoxville monitoring your servers, it is a preventative measure that is going to help give a fast reaction to a problem. Say there is a server load issue where things are just getting added, one service request on top of another. Server monitoring, when done properly, would detect this and be able to divert some of the traffic elsewhere. When you do not have active server control happening, you may find that the load continues to get worse and the server eventually crashes.

Importance of Server Monitoring

When a network crashes, you are going to lose time and money. The time factor is going to come into play because, without your servers, your business is not likely going to be able to continue to function. Your employees are going to be stalled, products may not progress the way they should, services will not get logged and scheduled, etc.

The money factor is two-fold because you are going to have to pay an IT professional to come and repair the system. On top of that, you are also going to experience a loss in quality reputation, brand recognition, etc. When you have customers relying on your products or services and they are unable to get them, they may be more prone to move on to a different option due to server downtime.

As a business owner, server monitoring is critical. The continuous monitoring and scanning of all your servers can make a world of difference. The preventative measures that go along with watching for issues and catching them before they become major problems are pivotal. It is all about uptime, maintaining your reputation, and saving on potential money and time loss. If your managed IT services provider in Knoxville is not prioritizing this, they should be! We certainly do at Allevia Technology, and we can help you ensure that your servers are stable and consistently available. To learn more about how we can be of assistance, contact us today.

Stefan Wilson

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