Little Arrow Outdoor Resort TV Wall At Allevia Technology, we pride ourselves on providing innovative IT solutions that elevate the experiences of our clients. One of our latest projects involved the installation of a cutting-edge 6-TV wall in the pavilion at Little Arrow Outdoor Resort in Townsend. Little Arrow Outdoor Resort has been offering exceptional […]

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A woman in an orange sweater sits in a modern living room, holding a polka-dot mug and smiling at her smartphone, perhaps noticing some exciting changes on Google Search.

Web… The Web ALWAYS Changes Google has put their foot down! They are changing the way websites will be indexed for the future. Starting July 5, 2024, Google will finally finish their Mobile-First initiative which began back in 2016. Directly from Google’s blog,  John Mueller had this to say:  “The small set of sites we’ve still been

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Two smiling men holding a gift box in a room with framed portraits and paintings on the walls at Fairview Church.

In 1913, the construction of Fairview Church was started by a small group in south Maryville. Since its first Sunday service on February 18, 1914, Fairview has been a staple of the community just over the Maryville city line into Blount County. The second building was completed in 1973, and the present-day facility began use

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Group of people presenting a large ceremonial check to Maryville High School from BE Robotics to support STEM education.

Allevia Technology Supports STEM Education A Donation to Blount County Robotics 4504 At Allevia Technology, we are committed to giving back to our community and supporting initiatives that promote STEM education and innovation. Recently, we had the privilege of donating $1000 to Blount County Robotics 4504. Blount County Robotics 4504 is a high school FIRST

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The logo for Microsoft 365 Copilot features a sleek design inspired by the concept of a wingman.

Microsoft Copilot is Microsoft’s game-changing new technology for licensed Microsoft 365 users. Copilot leverages the apps you’re already using everyday (Word, Excel, Teams, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.) and makes sorting, viewing, extracting, and interpreting data a breeze. It has the potential for you and your organization to get more done in less time. We’ve assembled a small

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A man saves an office move with his love of Christmas lights.

PEOPLE OVER PRODUCTION In 2009, Bobby Haines thought, “Gosh, what would it be like to have an employee?”  At the time, Bobby was the only employee at Chad Stewart & Associates at the Knoxville office. As a young engineer, Bobby knew he wanted to help people and solve problems. He didn’t expect to lead a team of engineers several years later.   In 2017, Bobby Haines acquired

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A group of people implementing cybersecurity tips in a conference room.

10 SIMPLE CYBERSECURITY TIPS YOU CAN IMPLEMENT TODAY  Does cybersecurity sound like a buzzword to you? It’s definitely a hot topic right now, but for a good reason! We use technology every single day. Whether you’re emailing a client to schedule a meeting or paying your bills online, your hands touch tech. Great news! There’s


A black bear cub is resting on a pink towel at Appalachian Bear Rescue.

Cameras Care for Bear Cubs at Appalachian Bear Rescue  Did you know that injured bear cubs need to be monitored 24/7? At Appalachian Bear Rescue, they care for orphaned and injured black bear cubs and yearlings to give them a second chance in nature.  Per ABR’s permit managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, regulations

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A woman standing in front of a couch with a neon sign.

Exciting news! Brooke Nix Medical Aesthetics moves to Downtown Maryville!  We’re so excited for Brooke Nix and her team. Brooke recently opened their newly renovated space at 111 West Broadway Avenue in Downtown Maryville. “We have so much support from the community. People I don’t even know have told me they’re excited about us moving


A group of people standing in front of a green background celebrating 10 years strong.

Ten years ago, Stefan Wilson officially launched Allevia Technology!  Stefan has always had a passion for people and technology. In the 6th grade, he began troubleshooting computers at Alcoa Middle School. At 14, Stefan was the youngest A+ Certified Technician in the state of Tennessee. Throughout school and his early career, Stefan always knew he

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