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If you’re human and you watch television, it’s likely that you’ve seen a tv commercial (or two) for software programs claiming to find and fix all of your computer problems in an instant. But do these programs really work or do they cause more harm than they’re worth?

These commercials claim to clean your computer, find issues, and speed up processing power, all while identifying hundreds of potential “threats” with big red font, arrows and caution signs.

One of these programs in particular, “MyCleanPC”, flags items that are basically harmless to your computer. You’ll see the commercial show literally hundreds of flagged items. Unfortunately, the threshold for what is flagged and what’s not is very, very low. For instance, “MyCleanPC” flags every single cookie and cache file on your computer…files that are mostly harmless and actually improve your Internet browsing experience. “MyCleanPC” wipes them out and acts as though they’ve done you a great service, although you’ll just re-create the files the next time you jump online. They also flag a host of other items that are harmless.

The real question is why someone would choose to trust a product, sold by a company they don’t know, manufactured far away, over a local resource that performs ten times better?

We’re miles ahead of “MyCleanPC” and our solutions are truly effective. We know the difference between a cache file and a cookie, how to defragment to improve performance, how to clean up your registry but make a backup in case something goes awry.

Simply put, we improve performance without compromising stability.

Don’t trust the talking heads. Trust us…the guys who perform hundreds of PC clean-ups each year.

To talk with us about helping solve your computer problems, give us a call at 865.686.6677 or email us at [email protected]

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