Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Knoxville IT Services For Your Business

In the past, many businesses believed that they didn’t have the resources to afford outsourced solutions, like Knoxville IT services. However, as managed services have become more popular, prices have dropped and more and more small businesses can actually afford to hire a superior managed IT service team to take over. The following are four reasons why small businesses are choosing managed services (and why you should, too):

A Vehicle for Growth

In the past, technology was a tool that was largely used to simplify individual processes. Today, technology is the backbone of everything we do. Knoxville IT services providers are less of a support mechanism and more of an integral part of businesses’ growth and expansion strategies. Managed services make it possible for small businesses to scale up to their competitors with ease.

Customer Value

Most companies are using the transition to managed IT services to add new features to their system that they couldn’t afford to develop independently. This includes omnichannel support for retailers and wholesalers, as well as new payment options and more. Customer value translates to higher revenues in nearly every instance, making this one of the best investments that a small business can make. More and more companies are realizing that making incremental improvements in IT services produces long-term gains.


More than 64% of small business owners report feeling overwhelmed by the technology that keeps their business running. On top of all the day-to-day maintenance required to keep the system up, there are also protocols for backups and security systems to think of. Without these crucial links in place, your business could suffer a devastating loss if there was ever a data breach or other security issue. IT service providers offer several methods of backing up data for future restoration, as well as peace of mind that the system is being updated regularly to prevent any security breaches.

Cost Savings

Far from being a budget breaker, managed IT services tend to cost less than hiring an internal team and paying for all your own hardware. Since you are technically only paying for the space you use on the servers and a fraction of the third party’s time you could save money each and every month without losing out on any productivity in your IT management. In general, the capital investment required to get started with a managed IT service is significantly lower than the equipment alone would cost you.

As you can see, these four reasons drive businesses to take advantage of managed IT services. From the cost savings to the enhanced security offerings, businesses of all sizes can benefit from managed services while offering their customers an even better experience. For top-notch Knoxville IT services, contact us at Allevia Technology today.

Stefan Wilson

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