Managed Services in Knoxville Can Protect Your Business from Printing and Imaging Device Risks

Running a business requires communicating and transferring critical information. Your organization needs to understand the perils of unsecured printing and imaging devices when exchanging social security numbers, billing information, personal data, credit card numbers, and doctor prescriptions. For your business to stay secure, you need a professional provider of managed services in Knoxville.

Risk Exposures

Organizations rarely restrict access to imaging or printing devices, even though modern devices are extremely sophisticated with memory and have an operating power that equals a computer. In most businesses, outsiders or employees can access printers, fax machines, or photocopiers with only chargeback controls, but no security clearance. Using some of the devices can lead to access to network servers which can expose data upstream. Ensuring security controls and access will minimize the exposure to risks.

Information on Device Hard Disks

As a business owner, you should understand that modern imaging devices and printers contain hard disks that are similar to computers. The hard disks can store routing data, identification information, passwords, and confidential printed data that can be accessed after years of storage. Although organizations apply security policies to network connected devices, printers and imaging devices are usually overlooked. The risk of hard disk data exposure is heightened when the devices are taken to offsite locations for repair or servicing. Providers of managed services in Knoxville encrypt data storage which enhances security.

Print Jobs Sent Via Network

When print jobs are sent through a network, you should have layered security that provides firewalls and software protection to secure communications between servers and computer endpoints. If your organization does not encrypt data to print jobs, it will be easy to access the print job when it travels over the network to a printer.

Off Hour Access

It is easy to notice suspicious activities during normal business hours. However, most imaging and printing machines are left sitting around for hours or days. Although implementing finger scans, passwords, and access codes will enhance security, it is imperative to encrypt data or systematically erasing sensitive data after a device has been used.

Best Security Practices

  • Authentication – Your business should attempt to verify the digital identity of the sender accessing devices. The sender may be a computer program, a person, or the computer itself. If data is being transferred via network, it is imperative that the digital identity of the user is ascertained.
  • Authorization – Computer programs, users, and devices on the computer need levels of authority when accessing the company resources.
  • Audit -Your business should have regular audits that ensure accountability through records and logs to associate users with their actions.
  • Policies – Your business should ensure it establishes guidelines or organizational rules that control online security measures when employees are dealing with private information.

Managed services experts in Knoxville will provide your business with the necessary expertise to ensure the security of your network and the devices connected to your computer. At Allevia Technology, we have the tools to secure your imaging and printing devices, which will protect your clients from identity theft. Contact us today for more information.

Stefan Wilson

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